Jesus Ruins Everything: Paul

Oct 23, 2022    Garry Firth

In the Bible, we read story after story of people who, after having an encounter with Jesus, had their view on things like money, religion, and self-image change. Jesus showed them a different way than the one they knew, and once they saw it, they couldn’t unsee it. You could say that Jesus ruins everything, in the best possible way.

Here are some questions to help you process this message and apply it to your life:

1. What is something you’ve experienced for the first time that impacted you?

2. Share a time when you found out that something you believed to be true or right really wasn’t.

3. Read Acts 26:9-18. What stands out to you the most in these verses? What was your experience of believing Jesus like compared to Paul’s?

4. Read Acts 9:17-18. What do you think Paul was able to see that he wasn’t able to see before?

5. What was your biggest takeaway from this series?