Online Giving

If you are part of the TMP family and prefer to donate online via secure credit card payment, the link below will allow you to do so. 

Canada Helps also enables the donation of securites
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Direct Withdrawal Information

If you are part of the TMP family and prefer Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) we’ve got a handy, secure online form that makes it easy!

"Churches just want my money, and that bugs me."
"I’m not going somewhere where I’ll feel guilty for not putting money on a plate."

We get that. Which is why - since day one - on the very front of every program we hand out at The Meeting Place church in Nanaimo, it says "If you are a guest or visitor with us, please don’t feel obligated to give."

So why bring it up at all, and why have a 'giving' page on this website?

At The Meeting Place in Nanaimo, we give away a portion of our income to the great mission of this church because we love it!

We love watching what happens in our lives when we experience God providing for our needs and the needs of our community when we trust enough to give a percentage of our income away to charity.

We love experiencing the freedom found in generosity as we follow the example of Christ, and the dawning realization that when we let go and give, money loses its control over us. Money doesn't worry us like it used to. It doesn't consume us or enslave us anymore.

  • Giving is an opportunity for you - for all of us - to regain our freedom in a world where money is god.

  • Giving is an opportunity to participate in the positive life change that happens in the lives of hundreds of people on Vancouver Island through The Meeting Place Church week after week.

So, we've made it easy for you.

Just click on the Donate Now button below and you'll be able to contribute through Canada Helps - a safe, secure and trusted Canadian charity program. You'll automatically be issued a receipt for income tax purposes and you can track your donations online at any time.

And ... Sincerely, thank you!