ways to donate

In addition to in-person on Sundays at the Avalon Theatre, if you’d like to contribute to The Meeting Place, there a few ways listed below for your convenience…thank you!
For more about TMP's beliefs around giving and generosity, scroll down further.
e-Transfers may be sent to treasurer@themeetingplace.org with a suggested password of your last name in all lower case letters. Or, for added security, send a separate email with your preferred password to treasurer@themeetingplace.org.

Online Giving
Simply use the secure link below using your credit card (or debit linked to Visa or MC). There is a link on the TMP app, too. For help with online giving, see the detailed instructions HERE.
Text Giving
You can use your cell phone by texting “tmp123” to this number: 1-888-364-GIVE (4483). The first time you do this, wait a few seconds and you'll be sent a link where you can enter your information.
Direct Withdrawal Information
If you prefer Pre-Authorized Giving, a paper form is available at the info table on Sundays. You can also email treasurer@themeetingplace.org with the image of a cancelled cheque and your recurring donation details. To change an existing pre-authorized donation, send an email to: treasurer@themeetingplace.org
There is a debit machine available at the info table on Sunday mornings.

Mail A Cheque To:
The Meeting Place, 101 - 5170 Dunster Rd., Box 515, Nanaimo, BC  V9T 6M4

what's this giving thing all about anyway?

"Churches just want my money, and that bugs me."

"I'm not going someplace where they'll make me feel guilty for not putting money in a collection box."

We get that. Which is why when we mention giving during our Sunday services we say something like, "If you are a guest or visitor with us today, please don’t feel obligated to give. This service is our gift to you."

So why bring it up at all, and why have a 'donate' page on this website?

At The Meeting Place in Nanaimo, we give away a portion of our income to the great mission of this church because we love it! We love watching what happens in our lives when we experience God providing for our needs and the needs of our community when we trust enough to give a percentage of our income away to charity. We love experiencing the freedom found in generosity as we follow the example of Christ, and the dawning realization that when we let go and give, money loses its control over us. Money doesn't worry us like it used to. It doesn't consume us or enslave us anymore.

  • Giving is an opportunity for you - for all of us - to regain our freedom in a world where money is god.
  • Giving is an opportunity to participate in the positive life change that happens in the lives of people on Vancouver Island through The Meeting Place Church week after week.

So, we've made it easy for you.

Choose one of the options above and you'll be able to contribute to The Meeting Place. You’ll be issued a receipt for income tax purposes.
And sincerely, thank you!