Here at TMP, we want to grow in our faith, love, and understanding of Jesus so that our lives and world will be transformed.
We've nicknamed this pathway "The River" because our journey with God can seem like traveling down a river.
Just like actual rivers on our planet, The River at TMP has different stages. Some people are standing on the bank of The River and thinking about going in, while others are gently wading into The River and testing the waters. Some are in their raft on The River and they’re navigating the different rapids along their journey.


Class 1 is where we examine the basics of faith in Jesus and what TMP is all about (and where you’ll find out how to become a partner with TMP).
Class 2 is all about the essential habits we can develop to help us follow Jesus.
In Class 3 we look at the experiences we’ve had in our lives and how God has given us specific skills and abilities to love Him and serve others.
In Class 4's relaxed atmosphere we'll show you how to briefly & clearly share your story of how you trusted Jesus with anyone.


MONEY MATTERS - Do you have too much month at the end of your money? How different would your life be if money didn't hold you back? If money wasn't a worry?
ALPHA - Everyone has questions. Questions about purpose, eternity and love. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions to explore those questions with food, a talk and open discussion.
EXPERIENCING GOD - Ever wonder what God is doing? Wish you could understand more clearly what he might be saying to you?