What is Kidz Place? It’s a fun and safe environment where every child has the opportunity to experience God’s extravagant love!

At The Meeting Place, we want to make sure the children who come to church have a positive and joyful experience. Our trained volunteers love spending time with kids, and the stories, music and activities are all focused on discovering how much God loves us.  

You can register your child in person at 9:45am each Sunday morning at our KidCheck counter. Be sure to highlight any allergies or special needs for us. Right now Kidz Place is open for kids from Kindergarten through Grade 5. For parents of babies or toddlers, there is a kid-friendly livestream theatre (Theatre #2) available if your little one gets squirmy during the service. We hope to have Kidz Place available for them soon.

We also provide an online Kidz Place so you can enjoy sharing God’s story with your kids at home. Each week we upload the same video we watch together on Sunday mornings, created by Orange Curriculum. There’s a video for each age level, with music, stories and a weekly PDF with the Bible verse and some questions to help you engage with your child. Have fun and enjoy learning together as a family!
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MARCH 19, 2023

Download this week's Parent Cue here for verses and discussion questions to learn more together with your kids.