Welcome to TMP!

Services Every Sunday @ 10am at Avalon (Landmark) Cinemas

Welcome to The Meeting Place!  Church isn’t about us, it’s  about you –- you and God.  So feel free to laugh, cry, or just sit back and raise an eyebrow.  We’ll understand.  Each week is different, but you’ll always hear a message about a real and living God.  A message with take home value and powerful tools for living life to the fullest.
Relax - You can rest assured you will never be put on the spot, never singled out, and never embarrassed.
Dress Casually - We're glad you've decided to join us, and we want you to feel comfortable.
Don't Feel Pressured - If you are a guest or visitor, this service is our gift to you. If you spot a donation box, don't feel obligated to give.
We Value Your Time - Our Sunday services are about an hour in length, and are packed with great music and a message that's relevant to your life.