Coffee Questions

Grab a coffee & use these questions to explore Sunday's message with a friend or with your connection group.

July 14, 2024 // Dog Days of Summer (3 Things About God I Learned From My Dog): Part Of The Family
Speaker: Russ Smith

1. Dogs or cats - are you more of a dog person or a cat person? Tell us why! (and it’s ok if you like dogs AND cats)

2. Did you have a pet when you were growing up? What was its name, and what kind of animal was it? 

3. What’s a fun memory you have about a pet you have (or once had)?

4. These days, do you feel far away from God, or close to God, or somewhere in the middle?

5. What do you think about the idea that we were once excluded from being in God’s family?

6. Russ mentioned Bible verses from Galatians 4:4-5 that talked about “sonship”. What do you think about the idea that we can be fully adopted into God’s family with all the rights and privileges that come with it?

7. For Russ and his family, it was their pleasure to adopt Bella. What do you think about the idea that it was God’s pleasure to adopt you?

8. If you’re a Jesus-follower, the challenge for this week is to enjoy being in God’s family - celebrate it! How will you do that this week?

9. If you’re not a Jesus-follower, then what’s your next move with God?

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