this Christmas, if it seems like hope, peace, joy, or love are sometimes missing,
this is what we do:

we bring it.

  • Hey TMP, so far you’ve sponsored 14 new Compassion kids and given numerous one-time gifts of chickens, goats, wells, etc. Way to bring some hope to kids and their families!
  • I gave my nail tech a little angel ornament for her tree and a Christmas card with an explanation of the Christmas story.
  • We have invited 3 neighbours who will be alone at Christmas to have dinner with us on Christmas day.
  • We sponsored 2 Compassion children.
  • Took some supplies down to the emergency tent that was set up for the unhoused after SEIA closed.
  • Gave a box of chocolates to an unknown couple who landscape a local church. We appreciate all they do.
  • Performed a comedy skit for my friends (75 of them!)
  • Spoke to a homeless man who’s only been on the streets for 4 days. He said he’s clean & I mentioned God to him. He said at the age of 50 he’s realized he needs “spirituality” in his life. (I offered him a tarp I had but he said he already had one.)
  • Brought peace to my home by recognizing God’s presence there and trying to share him wherever I go.
  • Had a tough but necessary conversation with a co-worker.