The City Fallnighter - Friday, Nov 25th
(Reg form at Bottom)

On Friday, Nov 25th, The City Youth will be getting together at the Underground for Connect Night at 6:45, and you don’t have to go home until Saturday morning, because it’s our City Youth Fallnighter!

It’s going to be an awesome time of fun with friends, a special guest coming to lead a crazy game and share a message, late night movies on the big screen at the Underground, a late night snack run, and lots more!

The Fallnighter is FREE event, and it is an chance event to invite friends that have never experienced The City before!
Space at the Fallnighter is limited, so please sign-up using the Form below!

If you have any questions, email!

Fallnighter Schedule

9:00pm - Hangout & Transition to Fallnighter

9:30pm - Ben’s Epic Game Show

11:00pm - Snack Run to McDonald’s

10:30pm - Hangout & Transition to McDonanld’s Snack Run

11:00pm - McD’s Snack Run

12:30am - Movie on the Big Screen at the UG
(Other Games and Hangouts Continue)

2:30am - Tourney’s & Challenges
(Nintendo Smash Bros Tourney, NHL Challenge, Wii Games, Board Games, Air Hockey, Foosball, and Hangouts)

3:30am - Early Morning Pizza Pockets (Gluten Free Option Available)

7:30am - Wake Up

8:00am - Breakfast
(Cereal Bars & Bananas - Gluten Free Option Available)

8:30am - Pack Up & Clean Up

9:00am - Pick Up


How will the McDonald’s Snack Run Work?
A part of our Fallnighter will be a snack run to McDonald’s, and will be walking from The Underground as a group to the McDonald’s on Rutherford (15 minute walk). If youth want to order food they can

1) check out the McDonald’s Menu (Click Here),
2) fill out The City Youth Snack Run Form (Click Here), and
3) bring money to pay for their order when we arrive at McDonald’s.

To make things run smoothly, we are asking all youth who want food to submit their orders before Thursday Evening.

Will there be sleep?
- There is no set sleep time, but there are separate sleeping areas for girls and guys that are set aside as a quiet space if they want to get some sleep during the Fallnighter. Most youth end up staying awake and spend the following Saturday fast asleep!

What to bring?
- Pillow, Sleeping Bag, and sleeping mat. (If youth are planning to sleep.)
- Umbrella and Rain Coat for our walk to McDonald’s

The City Fallnighter Registration Form

Youth Contact
What Grade are registered youth(s) in, and which part of the night will they be attending? *

Parent / Guardian Contact
I, the parent/guardian contact,
consent to my youth attending the City Youth Fallnighter, 2022.