The City Youth Team application

Thank you for taking the time to explore serving as a part of The City Youth Team.

The following application is an important part of making sure we build the most effective team possible for seeing the mission and vision we believe God has lead us to at The Meeting Place Church and The City Youth, become a reality.

At TMP Church, our vision to be a church that is known for unleashing God’s extravagant love on our city, and our mission is to equip people to love God and love others, everyday, everywhere.

Our vision and mission at The City Youth comes out of the larger vision and mission at TMP. At The City, our vision is to welcome all youth to connect with God, each other, and what He is doing through TMP Church, and our mission is to welcome all youth to a life transformed by God’s love!

After completing this application, The City Youth's Pastor, Peter Bird, will fill you in on expectations and requirements for The City Youth Team Member and the next steps of the application process.

Please take your time with the application below and we can't wait to connect with you!

Personal Information
Name *
Birthday *
Phone *
Church Information
Have you attended TMP 101? *
TMP 101 is The Meeting Place's introductory course to partnership.
Have you partnered with TMP? *
A partner is someone who has committed to participating in the mission and vision of The Meeting Place.
Getting to know you
Getting to know your spiritual journey
Do you consider yourself as a Christ Follower? *
Have you been baptised? *
Character References
Please provide the names of two people at least 20 years of age who know you well and have agreed to act as your references. Please do not use relatives. (References are not needed if given exemption by Youth Pastor.)
Reference One
Reference Two
What Role(s) are you interested in? *