Nanaimo's Favourite Casual Church Hangout Group

Looking for a place to just relax and talk with friends without an 'agenda' or any sort of programming? Don't want to commit to any long-term deal, but just want to drop in, hangout and chat with some good friends, food and drink?

That's what TMP-X is all about!

We like to think of it like the church lobby we never had - comfy seats, great appies, and just enjoying friends old and new.

Originally conceived as a 'Gen-X' sort of group, TMP-X has rapidly become one of the highlights of the month for many sorta middle-aged people - and their families - around Nanaimo.

Here's how it works: Someone from our church with a home big enough to host a LOT of people will just open it up on a Saturday or Sunday evening for drop-in. We provide the appies and drinks. You show up and leave when you want to. (How simple is that?)

Come just as you are and stick around for the great friendships you'll create along the way.

PS - If you've got young kids, bring 'em along!