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Identity Crisis // Who Are You?

Aug 14, 2022    Garry Firth
Culture is very interested in discovering individual identity. It seems like everyone is searching for something to tell them who they are, where they belong, and how they relate to the world. ⁠

But what if our identity isn’t to be discovered, but recovered? ⁠

That’s what we'll be exploring in this series "Identity Crisis," as we find out what God says about who we are!

Here are some questions to help you process this message and apply it to your life:

1. What’s your most memorable summer vacation and what made it memorable?

2. Take 2 ½ minutes and describe who you are. How did you do?

3. What stood out to you the most in this message?

4. Read Genesis 1:26-27. How does knowing that you are created in God’s image affect you?

5. Our identity comes with a mission. What are some ways you could be an image bearer this week?