What is Alpha?

Hi there! You probably landed on this page after doing a search for something like 'Nanaimo Alpha'. You may have heard about 'Alpha' from a friend and want to find out more to determine if it is something you might be interested in attending.

Everyone has questions. Questions about purpose, eternity and love. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions to explore those questions with food, a talk and open discussion.

Alpha groups meet every week in homes right here in Nanaimo with a snack, refreshments and great conversation through the 10-week course. 

Alpha has become a worldwide phenomenon, now in 164 countries, where millions of people have come to explore their questions about life, God and faith. 

Alpha at The Meeting Place Church in Nanaimo runs two times per year, beginning in October and February. Each session starts with an Alpha Introductory Evening to outline what the Alpha experience entails; there is no commitment necessary and the door is wide open to everyone from atheist to agnostic to long term Christian.....come and join us for some deep friendships and a safe place to explore your thoughts.

When is the next Alpha Introductory Evening?

Alpha Home Groups begin 2 weeks later:

Monday night Alpha, starting October 16th:

  • Sonia & Clif - 7pm - north Nanaimo
  • Jonathan & Lesley - 7pm - south Nanaimo
  • Kelly & Graham - 8pm - central Nanaimo

Wednesday night Alpha, starting October 19th:

  • Ladona & Fern - 7pm - central Nanaimo

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