emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS)

The EHS Course is an 8-week introductory course that will help you to live fully in the way God designed you to live in the family of God. With practical application to develop greater emotional health with a richer connection with God through contemplative spirituality practices (ie. silence, listening, prayer).

Emotional health and contemplative spirituality offer three primary gifts. Each enables us to participate in the enormous life changing power of Jesus.

  1. The gift of slowing down
  2. The gift of anchoring in God’s love
  3. The gift of breaking free from illusions and living honestly in the full expression of who God made you to be


Sunday mornings at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre from 8:30-10:15am, March 4 - April 29, 2018 (except Easter Sunday)

Join us for the Information Session on Sunday, February 25, 2018 @ 9am.  We will walk through the course content, answer questions and those interested can purchase the course materials.

Limited space is available for this first session, please reserve your space below.


You will be introduced to key biblical themes while you have the opportunity to explore unseen places deep beneath the surface of our life like:

  • The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality
  • Know Yourself that You May Know God
  • Go Back to Go Forward
  • Journey through the Wall of Disappointment
  • Navigating Grief and Loss
  • Discover the Rhythms of Slowing Down to Deeply Listen and Connect
  • Grow into an Emotionally Mature Adult
  • Go the Next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life”

Course format

This course is delivered via group learning through video teaching segments; modeled contemplative reflection; group discussions and sharing.  Between sessions we recommend at-home reading, reflection on the topic prompted through the workbook, 10 minute daily devotionals exploring contemplative reading and prayer.

Materials can be purchased at the information session on February 25th. You will want your materials in advance to complete some pre-reading prior to the first session on March 4th. Cost is $45 and you receive 3 books in a pack:

  • Textbook includes excellent resources on its own with suggested pre-reading each week prior to the sessions
  • Workbook for deeper reflection during the week
  • Devotional Guide to use 5 days per week that follows along with the topic for each of the 8 weeks

Learn more about why the EHS course is so effective

Many of us have learned to:

  • Avoid conflict
  • Ignore our anger, sadness, and fear
  • Avoid true intimacy and connection with God
  • Live without healthy boundaries

Top ten symptoms of emotionally unhealthy spirituality:

  • Not plugging in to healthy sources of support (like God and healthy community)
  • Ignoring the emotions of anger, sadness and fear
  • Avoiding the wrong things so staying stuck in harmful cycles
  • Denying the past’s impact on the present
  • Dividing our lives into “secular” and “sacred” compartments
  • Being busy, sometimes working for God, and not being with God
  • Avoiding and mishandling conflict
  • Covering over brokenness, weakness, and failure
  • Living without healthy limits
  • Judging other people’s journey (spiritually or otherwise)

What is living emotionally healthy? 

Emotional health is concerned with such things as:

  • Naming, recognizing, and managing our own feelings
  • Identifying with and having active compassion for others
  • Initiating and maintaining close and meaningful relationship
  • Breaking free from self-destructive patterns
  • Being aware of how our past impacts our present
  • Developing the capacity to express our thoughts and feeling clearly, both verbally and non verbally
  • Respecting and loving others without having to change them
  • Asking for what we need, want, or prefer clearly, directly and respectfully
  • Accurately self-assessing our strengths, limits, and weaknesses and freely sharing them with others
  • Learning the capacity to resolve conflict maturely and negotiate solutions that consider the perspectives of others
  • Distinguishing and appropriately expressing our sexuality; and sensuality
  • Grieving well

contemplative spirituality

Contemplative spirituality focuses on classic (and ancient) practices such as:

  • Silence, solitude, and a life of prayer
  • Positioning ourselves to hear God and remember his presence in all we do
  • Communing with God in tangible ways
  • Finding the true essence of who we are in God
  • Loving others out of a life of love for God
  • Developing a balanced, harmonious rhythm of life that enables us to be aware of the sacred in all of life