The Bible is a SURPRISING Treasure

The very best action to discover more about God is to pick up a Bible at the Info Table and start to read.  Or check out one of these websites or apps where you can listen to the Bible.  Absorbing the words in the Bible is the very best way to deepen your relationship with God. 

How, you ask?  Well, it's kind of miraculous.  For thousands of years, this unassuming book has been the catalyst that has impacted more lives than any other book in history!  The Bible has been at the top of the bestsellers list every year since there has been a bestsellers list!   Even if you only want to simply check out what the fuss is about - it's worth exploring. 

If you are exploring the claims of Christ, the Bible is a great place to start!

If your life has already been impacted by Jesus Christ, reading / listening to the Bible provides one of the best ways for you to experience God personally.  The Bible is alive! The more you explore read, the more you discover about God.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NLT) says:  "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work."

Where do you start and what version is best to help you understand it?  What do you do when you can't figure out what it means? Here's a great guide to help you find plenty of resources to get you started.


Prayer is just talking to God.  He really likes you, and like any friendship, talking and listening is part of the glue that keeps you connected.  A relationship with God is no different.  You don't need fancy words or to know the Bible, it's just sharing with your loving Creator what you are feeling and experiencing and surrendering your desires to Him.   Like an awesome Dad, He loves to hear you express your thoughts, desires and feelings!  Expressing thankfulness is an ideal place to start. Something miraculous happens in the human heart when we focus on thankfulness.  Express what you are thankful for and you may never run out of things to talk with Him about!

One way to practice prayer is to follow a guide that has been prepared following centuries of tradition of prayers.  This may seem a bit strange at first, but is worth exploring.  "Common prayer" is a practice that some Christians follow by reading prayers aloud together.  You can try this on your own to start with. Some traditions do this more than others, and you may find it helpful and uplifting to explore this idea.  Click here to go to a website with daily prayers along with a video of this in action at Willow Creek Church.

Another way to practice prayer is to just talk to God when you wake up.  Talk to Him about what you discover in the Bible and ask Him to help you with an upcoming challenge.  Talk to Him before bed too. Include some things you are thankful for and anything that you are concerned about.  He loves to hear you share your heart!


Recording what you learn about God is a powerful way to let the truths you learn and loving care you receive sink into your heart. We so easily focus on the challenges and forget the little treasures that come into our lives every day.  Here's some Tips for Getting Started with a Journal.

Get Connected with Other Followers at TMP

FITT (Friends in Training Together)

Partner up with another follower of Christ to explore and develop 11 skills that are essential for a life full of aliveness. Jesus' life and death provided the way for each of us to experience forgiveness, restoration, wholeness, peace and joy - and to share that life-change with the world. 

How are you doing experiencing the aliveness that God has made possible for you?  If you want to help others experience this or want to experience more yourself, FITT is a great way to do that.  Frequently Asked Questions about FITT will get you started.

Participate in One of Our Many Groups

Let Us Help You Find an Awesome Team to Make a Difference

We were born to make a difference - it's wired into our DNA just like having eyes, ears and a nose.  Trouble is, we get busy with life and pretty soon there is no possible way to fit another thing into our schedule.  

The Astro tribe of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have a fascinating and beautiful saying:  "Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in your muscle."   We move the knowledge from our heads to our hearts through our hands! 

Volunteers regularly say that just by helping out once in a while, they feel more part of the community and a vibrancy enters their life.  Many even say that the day they serve on a team has become their favourite day of the month!

It doesn't mean you are obligated every Sunday!  We literally have some jobs that take minutes a month, all the way to hours per month. 

We truly love to help you discover how your awesomeness (within your schedule limitations) can impact others with as little as 5 minutes per month.  Maybe more.  Contact us if you would like to have a conversation about how you might grow in your faith AND be part of the community in this way.







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