{v. FITT} Friends In Training Together

The earliest followers of Christ called their faith ‘The Way’ - a little factoid that we think says a lot: Everyone who follows Christ embarks on a path. A journey. An adventure. And the best part ... you aren’t alone! 

Do you ever wonder if you are really living the live full of aliveness that Jesus talks about?  If you are new to faith in Christ or have been following Him for decades, sharing the journey with another follower is highly recommended! 

If you're ready to embark on an intentional growth season, to open your heart to God's leading at a new level - no matter how long you have been a follower of Christ - let us introduce you to a surprisingly light yet profound and rewarding way to explore and integrate 11 essential skills of following Christ.  We call this intentional journey FITT.


1. How does FITT help me grow as a follower of Christ?

We think that the best way to grow in your relationship with Christ is to learn what Christ taught and to practice those teachings in everyday life. Spending time intentionally exploring what He taught is even better with a more seasoned Christ­follower. Exploring 11 core skills or practices of being a follower of Christ over 1or 2 years unpacks not only the basics of following Christ but develops and sharpens new and old skills alike. FITT is an excellent process for those new to Christ and those who have been following Christ for decades ­ and everyone in between!

2. How many people are involved in FITT at TMP?

In our pilot phase over the last year, 22 people have paired up and have been discovering life­changing connections with each other AND
with God. The life­change experienced so far includes a greater overall joy, improved dynamics at their work, family relationships, changes in destructive habits, becoming more aware that God is present in every situation, and impacting their world in profound ways.

3. What is the main difference between FITT and being mentored?

Mentoring tends to be focused on one person learning from a more experienced person. Although there is an element of this with one of
the FITT partners being more experienced following Christ, FITT is a co­-learning experience. Both people work through the 11 skills of following Christ and learn directly from the Bible and the Holy Spirit (with the guidebook facilitating the journey).

4. Is there a cost involved?

The guidebook that will provide the framework for your time with your FITT partner is $20. Please sign up to participate and we will get you set up with your guidebook.

5. How do I get this started with someone?

It’s best to have your FITT partner formed organically. Spending time with a friend and journeying through this together is the most dynamic. (The idea is to have one of the pair having followed Christ longer than the other.) As an overall practice, we don’t step in and partner people up. However, we can help answer questions and help you along the way. If someone is not connected at TMP, definitely get in touch so we can help you get connected.

Suggested steps to begin:


  1. Think about the people that are already in your sphere whom you respect and enjoy hanging out with.
  2. Pray about the names for several weeks. Let the Holy Spirit do His work.
  3. Ask the person if they are interested in partnering with you to explore FITT.
  4. Click the button below to get in touch with us with questions or to get started.