Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions about The Meeting Place church experience that we get asked from time to time.

If you've got questions, just let us know!


I haven't been to a church in a long time. Like maybe never. What should I expect?

It's probably going to feel like walking into a theatre, except you don't have to stop and buy a ticket. Plus our hosts are friendlier, far more casual, and don't wear polyester. One of them will probably offer you a program as you enter that contains information about that morning, as well as other events and opportunities being offered.

Signs will direct you to different areas so you can grab a freshly brewed cup of good coffee (free!), drop off kids if you have them, and head to where a band will be probably be playing a song you've heard before.

It will be a little dark in there - but our ushers will help you find a seat if you need a hand.

For the next hour, you can just sit back and enjoy the experience! If for any reason you need to leave early, that's not a problem.

I'm all out of gaberdine. What should I wear?

At The Meeting Place Church in Nanaimo, the dress code is ... wait for it ... wear whatever is comfortable for you! You'd have a hard time finding a tie on a Sunday morning, but if ties are your thing feel free to throw one on. Or two. Just don't feel like you have to dress up to show up!

What will the actual service be like? Am I going to be weirded out?

Nanaimo churches each have their own flavour, and The Meeting Place is truly unique. There will be a song or two played by a great band, maybe a video, and then a short talk by an engaging speaker. At some point the band will sing two or three songs that are more interactive, and if you feel like it you can sing along. A lot of people just sit and listen. We incorporate the best in multimedia, video, art and music to present topics that are totally accessible to people who don't come from a church background. We don't do weird.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or give anything? 

Nope! We promise. You will never be put on the spot, singled-out, have to say anything, be pressured to sign up for anything or offer your personal information. We value your anonymity if thats where you're at.

Is this a Christian church, or something else?

Although the media and style are different from many churches on Vancouver Island, The Meeting Place Church in Nanaimo is committed to the truth about Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible and through history. We believe in the truth of the Bible as God's wisdom for our lives and its importance in addressing the most fundamental human questions about life, death, purpose, meaning and love.

How long is the service?

Our Sunday service begins at 10:30am and run for no longer than an hour. We won't waste your time!

I have kids. Will there be something at your service for them?

You bet! We have a fun-packed and exciting children's program including Teeny Tiny Totz Place nursery for ages 0-35 months, Totz Place for age 3-5 years, and Kidz Place from Grade 1 to 5. With over 100 volunteers working in our Kidz Place programs, your children will have a ball and be well looked after. We have a secure check-in system to ensure your kids are safe. For more information, visit our Kidz Place page.

Where does my donation go?

We understand that giving to a church can be a scary leap of faith. Questions like 'Where does my money go?" or "Can I trust these guys?" are legitimate and important to ask.

At The Meeting Place Church in Nanaimo there are several steps we have put in place to ensure accountability and transparency in all the church's financial dealings. Our accounting records are open to anyone who would like to examine our books - just stop by the info table in the lobby on a Sunday morning and ask for info. We have an independent accountant, an independent bookkeeper and our financials are open for audit.

Plus, our Treasurer and finance team are only an email or phone call away and can answer any questions anyone may have.

My sweetie pie and I want to get married. Can you guys do the church wedding thing for us?

Depends. We get a ton of requests to do weddings for people. Plus with most weddings in the summer (when our staff kinda likes to take the odd vacation) we need lots of heads-up time. We give priority to people who attend TMP (we think that's fair). Check out our wedding application and let us know if you have questions.

But I've got a question about ...

Check out our faith questions page where we've cherry picked videos of guys with big brains explaining and debating questions about God that people have wrestled with for a loooong time. (Don't let the suits throw you off)

Plus we've got pages about forgiveness and baptism and a book list page (coming soon!) that get quite a bit of traffic, so there is probably stuff on those pages that people like. Feel free to surf around a bit!