Help Send a kid to Camp

We want to help at least 10 Kids get to Camp Qwanoes from our City who may really need this lifeline

Check out what kids have to say about Camp Qwanoes

Do you know a family / single parent from your neighbourhood or community experiencing life challenges where their child has never been to camp or would really benefit from a week at Camp Qwanoes?

Fill out the simple application at the link below and let us know a few details. Note:  A special scholarship fund is available for kids of single parents.

We'll be evaluating all of the applications on an individual basis so more info is better! We will close the application process after February 3, 2019 so there is time for kids to get registered before camps fill up!

Please Note - Donations received through TMP fundraising combined with scholarships from Camp donors help to subsidize the tuition. Total tuition for a week in a Classic Camp at Qwanoes is approximately $550 - $600. If a child is approved, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) / caregivers(s) to pay the registration fee of $175 (negotiable if there is hardship). Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and our goal is to subsidize as many nominated children as possible. We will be in touch with applicants after February 3rd.

Check out the Qwanoes Camp Website

 **If you, the nominator, are able to contribute towards the child's tuition please indicate on the form below.**