TMP At The Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy

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What makes a good movie?

Is it special effects? Great car chases? Talking racoons? Special effects with talking racoons in car chases?

A good movie makes you lose yourself in the story. You get an escape from the daily grind if only for while.

But a great movie? A great movie is one that you and your friends end up talking about, debating the meaning of different scenes while driving in the car or standing around the water cooler. A great movie is one that raises questions, makes you wonder, that sits in the back of your mind long after the credits roll.

For the next few weeks we’re going to look at some movies and try to grasp what it is about their stories that touch us at such a deep level. And more than that, we’re going to learn that the stories in these films touch us because they touch on the larger story that God has written and called each of us to be a part of in this world.