TMP @ The Movies: Stutterer

Series Synopsis:

Welcome to The Meeting Place and our series TMP @ The Movies where we explore questions about life, faith, and God through the artistic medium of film.

Today’s movie Stutterer won this year’s Oscar for best Short Film. It gives us a peek into the life of a young man who has been ridiculed and rejected for much of his life because of his severe speech impediment.

Rejection. Its a primal fear that is deeply lodged in the human heart.  We go to extravagant lengths to avoid rejection and if we’re honest, each of us has created a facade - a mask -  to help us gain acceptance and avoid rejection.

But what if the key to finding deep, true acceptance requires that we take off the masks that we hide behind?

As we explore this film, our hope is that you’ll see God’s love for you and be encouraged with whatever is happening in your life today.


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