Vices: Anger

Series Synopsis:

Welcome to The Meeting Place and our series called VICES... ‘A visitor’s guide to the seven deadly sins.’

This week we stopping along our tour at the vice of anger.

Who of here hasn’t been angry at someone or something?

We’ve all had a shot at it. Anger lurks inside everyone of us...waiting to be released.

It’s an emotion that can manifest itself in so many ways. It can be explosive or passive. It can be warranted or unwarranted reaction. It can be used to defend ourselves or defend others.  

So what’s the deal with anger? Is it ok to get angry or is it something we should try and avoid?

If it’s ok to get angry why is it on the list of the deadly seven?

That’s what we’re going to look at today and our hope is that you’ll be encouraged and strengthened as you face life’s temptations, challenges and difficulties.



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