TMP @ The Movies: ALONE

Series Synopsis:

Welcome to our new series "TMP at The Movies".

During this series we’ll be exploring some popular television programs and movies that reveal and expose the deepest needs and longings of the human heart.

We’re kicking it all off today with the hit reality TV program ALONE.

It’s a show that is was filmed right here on Vancouver Island and it exposes and explores human struggles in a way unlike any other recent television series.

Fear. Anxiety. Loneliness. Regret.

We have all longed for the power to turn back time. To make a different choice. To take a different path.

Learning to deal with and overcome regret is one of the most difficult challenges we can ever face.

As we explore this topic today, our hope is that you’ll be encouraged and strengthened as you face life’s temptations, challenges and difficulties.


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