Vices: Intro

Series Synopsis:

Welcome to The Meeting Place and to the start of a brand new series called VICES.

For hundreds of years, they have captivated the imagination of philosophers, theologians and artists.

They are the theme of movies, books and television series.

They appear so often in popular media that we take them for granted.

They have been the source of debate, analysis, study and scorn for as long as they have been around.

What are they? They are... the seven deadly sins!

During this series, we’ll be walking through each of these seven vices and exploring what it is about each of them that prevents us from living the kind of life we have been created to live.

We believe it’s going to be a series that you won’t soon forget, and more than that, we hope you’ll find a new source of hope and strength as you face life’s temptations, challenges and difficulties. We’re glad you’re here!


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