Vices: Greed

Series Synopsis:

Welcome to The Meeting Place and our series called VICES... ‘A visitor’s guide to the seven deadly sins.’ Aren’t you glad you’re here!

This week we stopping along our tour at the vice of greed.

There’s a very old definition of greed by a man named Thomas Aquinas which goes like this: Greed is an excessive love of or desire for money or any possession money can buy.

Greed can wear many faces. It can affect the young, the old, and everyone in between.

Greed robs us of contentment, whispers to us its false promises, wraps us in chains of fear, and blinds our eyes to the needs of others.

This morning is about how we can live free from the anxiety that greed creates in our lives. We hope that this morning you’ll be encouraged and strengthened as you face life’s temptations, challenges and difficulties.


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