TMP At The Movies: Captain Phillips

Series Synopsis:

For the past couple of weeks, we have been talking about our favourite movies and what they can teach us about life and what matters most to you and me.

It seems that no matter how scientific or technologically advanced we get, no matter how busy and materialistic our culture gets, we keep making music and art and… movies… to try and express our experiences and answer the timeless questions we have about life, about loss, about purpose and the origins of life itself.A great movie makes you lose yourself in a captivating story. But it’s more than that. A GREAT movie is one that you and your friends end up talking about, and that in some way, resonates with your deepest desires, questions, challenges and triumphs long after the credits roll.  

Today we’re going to be exploring the movie "Captain Phillips" - the real life high seas adventure starring Tom Hanks, so sit back, relax and pretend you've got popcorn.

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