Talk Synopsis

There’s an old story about a traveler who was nearing a great city. He stopped and asked an old man seated by the road, “What are the people like in the city?” The old man looked up at the traveler and said “Well, how were the people where you came from?”

“Terrible” the traveler responded. “Mean, untrustworthy, nasty in all respects.” “Ah,” said the old man, “they are exactly the same in the city ahead.” 

Scarcely was the first traveler gone when another one stopped and also inquired about the people in the city he was about to enter. Again the old man asked about the people in the place the traveler had left. 

“They were fine people; honest, kind and generous. I was sorry to leave,” declared the second traveler. The old man looked at him and said “You’ll find people are exactly the same in the city ahead.” 

On this first Sunday of 2015, we are all walking out of one year and into another. 

What will the next year be like? 

The answer to that question depends … on our attitude.

(Note: Audio is missing from this weeks message. Sorry!)