Forgiveness: Let It Go

Series Synopsis:

A few weeks ago we kicked this series off talking about self-awareness and those blind spots that can trip us up.

In week 2, we talked about discovering the busted and broken things about us, and how we can look to the past and begin to connect dots.

Last Sunday we explored another step on the road to personal freedom when we talked about ownership and playing the blame game.

Today we are talking about how the journey to freedom goes through the door of forgiveness.

It is tempting to wrestle, fight, and carry the weight of our past with us. But when we do, life becomes heavy and cynical. Our relationships get filled with tension and life becomes a grind.

Many of us feel completely trapped by things we wish could let go of. But forgiveness is real and it is for everyone. Even me. Even you.

That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

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