TMP 101

An Introductory Evening

If you've attended a Sunday event at The Meeting Place church in Nanaimo and are wondering what this place is all about then our TMP 101 course is for you!

It's a short, 1.5 hour long event that takes place on scheduled Sunday evenings at The Underground, which is located at 4515 Uplands Road in Nanaimo (just below Atlas Chiropractic near the corner of Rutherford and Uplands Road)

We cover what TMP believes about God, Jesus and the Bible (because, lets face it, different churches believe all sorts of different things) and why we do things the way we do them at TMP.

The course concludes with an explanation of what it means to be a partner at TMP and how you can join and get involved. You'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and there's no pressure!

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